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Plumbing-Pay what you feel is fair!
License info: m-22260

No reasonable offer will be refused for any job large or small while this ad is still running. By "reasonable" I mean the job must pay for its own costs such as gas, materials, etc... And as far as labor is concerned, you tell me how much you'll pay. As long as I'm not losing money, it's a deal.

I charge half or less of the industry standard pricing on all jobs.

There is a set price for most every job, and I never charge by the hour. When I quote you a price for a job, that's the price I stay with. That way if it takes ME additional time to complete the job,YOU aren't penalized.

SOME (not all, don't get me wrong.There are still plenty of good guys (and gals) out there.But other plumbers may expect you to pay them for the time it takes them to find their tools, to go buy parts, and some will even stop for lunch while they're out and expect you to pay for that time as well. I firmly believe that additional time should not be such a big factor when charging for a service. A job takes as long as it takes. And I prefer to keep my focus on doing quality work, and not what time it is.

I stand behind my work. So if I have to spend time doing something over, it can cost me easily more than I made to begin with. Being quick and efficient is one thing, but it doesn't pay to rush, or to be rushed. So please, if you want an hourly guy, call someone else. But don't think that will mean saving any money or time. It just means his (or hers) time is being paid for, regardless of what is actually happening during that time.

I have 30 years experience as both a service plumber, and in new construction. I can perform any and all plumbing repairs/remodels/installations you may need.

24 hour emergency service is available at no extra charge. Weekends, holidays, or nighttime calls are always the same low rates as any other time.

Estimates are free, and on rare occasion, if you live very far away there may be a small trip charge, but only if you don't hire me.

(Sometimes it is necessary to perform work for diagnostic purposes before an estimate can be written. In these cases a minimum "service call" fee may apply. If so, I will request your approval before any work begins, and every cent of that charge will be applied to/deducted from your final bill if you hire me.

All labor carries a lifetime warranty, and parts carry the manufacturers warranty that comes with them. If there is a problem caused by improper installation, I will fix it for free, no matter how long it's been.

Sometimes the situation arises where an unforeseen problem comes up, and it's nobody's fault. Some plumbers will use this scenario to charge you excessively. I don't work that way. I stop at that point bring the problem to your attention, discuss your options with you, renegotiate (if necessary), and proceed with the option of your choice, based on YOUR priorities. And I'll put the revised agreement in writing if you'd like me to.

Most commonly performed services: (not "limited to" however!)
- water heaters - installation and repair
- water softeners installed/relocated (occasionally a customer would like to - - take their equipment to an new address when moving.)
- garbage disposals - installation and repair
- reverse osmosis systems installed/relocated
- faucets - installation and repair
- appliances installed
- tub and shower valves - installation and repair
- ice-maker lines installed
- toilets-unclogged/ installation and repair
- gas line installation and repair
- sinks installed
- gas and/or water cutoff valves installed
- clogged drains
- sprinkler leaks fixed
- leaks found and fixed -- inside/outside your home or business
- hose bibs or spigots repaired or replaced
- sewer lines repaired or replaced
- bathtub/shower pan installation

Call or Text day or night.
John or Jay
512-677 9011

Have a great day!

"Pay only what you feel is fair" doesn't mean after the fact. I will quote you a price up front, and it is always negotiable if you feel it is too high.

Compensation: Fair prices

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