Title: Sophia Katherine Palat, PLLC

Category: Business
Sub Category: Attorney

Area Offered: Austin and Surrounding Area


This firm was formed after dedicating years of service to the less fortunate through public interest work at a nonprofit law firm with the idea that a smaller firm could deliver quality legal services and effectively help people by more nimbly responding to changing demands in a constantly evolving world. Palat, PLLC's principal office is located in Austin, Texas at 716 S. Lamar.

Sophia Palat contributed the first years of her practice to nonprofit work handling cases which included, but is not limited to, bankruptcy, probate, housing, contracts, employment law, landlord/tenant, commercial law, economic benefits and consumer protection. She has been a presenter at the Domestic Violence Symposium on housing law and regionally trained other attorneys on bankruptcy law. She obtained her undergraduate degree from The University of Texas in Austin and loves her fellow Longhorns. (She earned her Master of Business Administration and law degree from Texas Tech). Her family and her cat live in Austin.

"I feel intensely satisfied when I am able to help others achieve results. Austin is my home and the people here are my neighbors. If I can improve that, then it's all worth it." Sophia Palat

Website: www.palatlaw.com

Compensation: Reasonable price

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Please call here: 5122807600

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