Title: Professional Portrait Artist

Category: Creative & Skill
Sub Category: Artists

Area Offered: Austin & Central Texas


Professional-quality, handmade portraits created from photographs. Custom sizes available ranging from small (6" x 8") to large (18" x 24"). Work is done with drawing media (pencils, charcoal or ink, depending on your preference).

Email me a photo that you'd like to see turned into a drawing. I draw in a style similar to Da Vinci or Albrecht Dürer, very detailed and 3D-looking.

Turnaround time is 2-3 days with a 50% bank deposit. I am not using PayPal because I want to ensure that business is done efficiently and that both parties receive what they expect.

Serious inquiries only.
Total cost per portrait is $300. I purchase all materials myself, and only charge you for the artwork itself.

Artwork is done on archival-quality paper with traditional graphite pencils. Finished piece is mailed to you in protective packaging and is ready to put into a frame.

Compensation: $300

Service Location in Map: