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My name's Carolyn, and I tutor math. By day I teach high school math at a school for gifted students, working with teenagers of widely varying abilities and enthusiasm levels. It's my job to be patient, thorough, empathetic, and flexible.

After-hours, I work with kids who need a little extra help getting over hurdles in their math classes, whether this means help with specific assignments, or finding and fixing larger holes in their past education and understanding of math concepts.

I've tutored for 13 years in the greater Austin area, working with students from public schools, big private schools, small quirky private schools, and homeschoolers. I've done short-term arrangements with kids that just needed something explained a different way, I've developed long-term relationships with families who want ongoing support, and I've helped students take math courses credit-by-exam or correspondence.

The "a-ha!" moment, when a student not only learns the concept they're studying but realizes that they really can do it themselves, is my favorite thing and why I do what I do. I love to help students find that feeling of clarity and self-sufficiency.

Right now I'm taking students for all levels through Calculus: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, and Calculus. I also tutor and teach an after-school course on SAT prep, both math and verbal.

I'm available to come to clients' homes, or meet at libraries or other quiet locations. My rate is $40/hr to $50/hr depending upon travel time and course level. Rate negotiation is possible for long-term arrangements.

Give me a call! I always look forward to helping a student. Let's get your child's math ability and confidence up so they can walk into that class with the tools they need to succeed!

(512) 698-4281

Compensation: $40 and up

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Please call here: 5126984281

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