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Providing top-notch, personalized, and super engaging lessons/tutoring in your home!!!
through "Renaissance Lessons and Tutoring"
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- Beginner level (all ages): piano, guitar, voice, music theory

- Elementary / Jr. Hi / Early Hi School: math, reading, writing, Spanish (for adults as well), Latin, science, history

- Beginner and Intermediate: drawing, painting


with NO COMMITMENT to pay for any subsequent lessons!

Regular lessons/tutoring:
$30/hr for tutor's time.

One or more sessions per week required.
PAY MONTH BY MONTH. You pay for the month in advance.
NO CONTRACT for future months.

Currently offering lessons/tutoring: Monday - Friday,
between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm.

Contact instructor to find out during what hours in that time frame he is currently available.


Patrick is an Austin native in his early 30's who is married, has three children, and lives in Cedar Park. He currently teaches and tutors with his wife in their homeschool program in addition to offering lessons and tutoring to other kids in their homes. Patrick got his bachelor in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College in California, and worked for five school years as a full time teacher in Catholic middle school and high school. He taught classes in math, science, religion, history, writing/grammar, Spanish, art, choir, and rock band, and tutored guitar and piano. Prior to this, he acquired significant experience helping people one-on-one by working for a year as a case manager for the homeless and legal refugees in downtown Austin, where he successfully led many needy individuals (some only Spanish speakers) to secure satisfying employment for themselves. Furthermore, Patrick brings a real global perspective to his work as an educator, having toured countries such as Israel, Lebanon, Italy, France, Germany, England, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Patrick actually lived as missionary in Guatemala for a semester, where he learned conversational Spanish. This man is passionate about learning and educating others in all the subjects (which we might call "the liberal arts") which help liberate and complete us as human beings and fulfill our innate desires to understand and to help form the world around us, according to what is true, good, and beautiful. Patrick would love to talk with you about the learning needs or interests of your child or of yourself, and to set up your TWO FREE TRIAL SESSIONS with NO COMMITMENT to ever pay for anything, to see if this instructor is right for you.

Just to note:

Additional Music Credentials:

Patrick has played in several rock bands on a regular basis, including one large church band, and has sung in several church choirs.

Additional Art Credentials:

Patrick's drawings and painting regularly won "Best of Show" or similar awards at his high school competitions when attending St. Michael's Catholic Academy. Furthermore, all his life, Patrick has been producing impressive large scale and small scale art and design projects.

Call or Text @ (512) 762 - 7285
Email: patrickheyl@hotmail.com

"I look forward to hearing from you and to creating a fun and challenging learning plan that fits you!"

Carpe diem* and God bless!

* "Carpe diem" is an old Latin saying for "Seize the day!"

Website: www.myaustintutor.com

Compensation: Reasonable rates

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