Title: FREE Apt Services -Proven record helping those with Broken Leases

Category: Real Estate
Sub Category: Property Management

Area Offered: Austin And surrounding


y flat finding administrations are free, so why not look at us!

I can't promise 100% I'll have the capacity to secure you a condo however in the event that your broken lease or ousting is no less than a year old and the sum owed is under 2500, then I can attempt to help you discover a spot to live! It has late rental history with a decent installment record or a co underwriter! In any case, hope to pay a much bigger deposit...up to 2 month's rent now and again. It just relies on upon different variables that may come up in your application, ie. flat mate has had a past issue, criminal foundation, insufficient time at work.

Call, content or email me and let me know what the dates, sum, and so forth are and we can go from that point.

Damon Loskutoff

Dash Realty - Agent - No Fee


*My administrations are paid by the groups I work for, so never a charge to you.

Compensation: Affordable price

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