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Do you work long hours? Do you worrying about your animals not getting enough attention? Does your pet has separate anxiety? Going away for the weekend, but unable bring your pet? Fret Not!

Did you know that the maximum length of hours of pet should be staying home alone is 8 hours? In fact, they should be going potty every 3-4 hours, and get their walking daily.

I would like to offering my service of pet sitting: this include young animals to senior age.
**I have experience with
-- dogs (include large breed!)
-- cats
-- rabbits (bunny)
-- birds (conure, parrot, small birds, and chickens!)
-- small critter (hamster, hedgehog, gerbil, and rat)
I am not exactly familiar with reptile animals but I would be very happy to learn what it takes to care of them.

I am familiar with different specific diet and that it is critical to abide to their diet. I will do what you request and desire to do with your animals.

About me:
I am full time doctoral student who just complete first year of the doctoral program. (whew!) I am 28 years old and I do this because I really enjoy being with animals. I hate it when I see people posting need to get rid of their animals because they work long hours or do not have time for their animals, so I am here to offer relief to the situation as pet is always a life time commitment. I own two dogs. I am Deaf and single mother to a 3 years old child. I am two months pregnant and I am doing this so that I can start paying for home birth as no insurance will be covering any of it.

What can I do? Many things!
-Feed and change their water
-Walk/running (but not more than 2 per dog to ensure of their safety)
-Change cat litter or small critter bedding.
-I also do overnight sitter at my house
-Provide medicine
-Any other request: ask away and I will be honest with you if I can do it or not

How much do I charge: This depends on what you want me to do and is negotiable!

Because I do not have vehicle I prefer to stay in south of Austin. I could do different location if it is regular and I would be happy to rent car for the day to go to your location.

Be Happy and Be Content knowing that your pet is getting what they need!

Compensation: Reasonable

Service Location in Map:
Please call here: 3602929230

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