Title: Painting, Interior, Exterior, and Repairs 15yrs exp., & Affordable

Category: Household & Labor
Sub Category: Painting

Area Offered: Austin And surrounding


Hi my name is Bryan, I'm a painter of 15 years notwithstanding background from start to finish, inside, outside, private , business. I have a strong references from late livelihoods, a mind blowing persevering state of mind, capable quality work, and I know, and care that your substance with the result. I'm advancing the organizations of painting rooms up to a 12x12sqft size for $65.00 a coat. This contain filling all nail size holes in the divider, excepting new advancement trim wholes. one coat on the rooftop, two on the dividers, and one coat on vital trim, and lodgings for a total of $260.00 for a 12x12sqft room getting 4 coats 1 on the rooftop, 2 on the dividers, and 1 on the floorboard and edges. Portals, windows, and crown adornment are restricted as they move in detail.A side of a gateway is $10, to $20 a coat, windows range from $15, to $25 a coat dependent upon sheets, and size, crown trim is $15, to $25 dependent upon size as well. I can consolidate the paint, and supplies to make it less requesting so you ought to just pick the tones, and let me manage quality painting. I have contractual specialist accounts with various paint suppliers, and shading charts from brands I recommend that are the best quality, and sensible for you to look over witch I'm happy to help with. I am incredible at knowing how to get the best quality paint for your money related arrangement. I furthermore know decisively the measure of paint, and supplies you necessity for the work. When you have picked all your tones, I will manage the rest. I moreover do repairs, exterior's, level turnovers, weight washing, decks, carpentry, and have a fair expansive learning of a significant part of trades. I for the most part refer to the work, and elucidate in purpose of enthusiasm on an understanding what the cost is for all parts of the business is freely. I do this to keep things direct, and capable so the customer, and myself are secured, and in concurrence with far as what"s expected. I have various strong references to give you. If captivated please call 603-285-3579. An obligation of appreciation is all together for your time, Bryan the painter.")

Compensation: Affordable price

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Please call here: 6032853579

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